Forage & High Moisture Corn Structures

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We offer new and pre-owned Harvestore structures for all types of feed storage. Harvestore structures offer the best option for storing quality feeds with their oxygen limiting design. Call us today to see if a Harvestore structure would be your best alternative for your feed storage needs.





At Blue Country Ag Systems we also carry Harvestore unloaders.







Roller Mills, Hammermills, Feeders, Conveyors, Mixers, Grain Unloaders, & Bedding Choppers

Valmetal offers a wide range of products to handle your automation requirements. From feeding equipment to forage and grain unloaders, we can handle most feed processing and delivery needs. Made in Canada and a major warehouse here in Wisconsin, we can offer fast, reliable service. Call us today or click on this site to learn more.



Conveyors, Feeders, Roller Mills, & Overhead Fill Pipes

Demuth offers a wide range of quality conveying and feeding products as well as blower pipe and gooseneck overhead fill assemblies for all types of upright silos and Harvestores.