Grain Storage Bins, Drying Bins, Hopper Bottom Bins, Sudenga Unloaders, Fans, & Neco Stirrators

Sioux Steel is the oldest grain bin company that has its original name. This is for good reason. They have been supplying grain storage solutions since 1918. We offer bins for farm or commercial operations in sizes from small storage capacities to bins with over 1 million bushels. Our crews are equipped to do everything in constructing your bin from footing excavation to construction. We also offer complete aeration and drying systems and grain transfer products. Please click on the tabs that interest you to learn more about the various options available, or just give us a call.



Hopper Bottom Grain Storage

Please contact us to learn more about the Meridian seed tenders and hopper bottom grain storage bins.



Gravity Grain Spreaders & Bullseye Bin Controllers

We offer AgriDry products to assist you with grain quality management. The AgriDry gravity grain spreaders evenly distribute fines for better airflow through all the grain. The Bullseye controller will monitor your grain to control your fans. These products protect your investment and save money in electrical costs by running the fans only when the conditions are appropriate for optimal grain storage. Additionally, they will protect your grain assets through 24/7 monitoring and alerts through ADLink. You will see a return on investment within the first year in most applications. Please call us if you would be interested in hearing more about these products or if you are interested in seminars on grain management.


Grain storage bins, Hopper Bins, Grain Dryers & Grain Handling Equipment



Continuous Mix-Flow Grain Dryers, Legs, Towers, Catwalks & Conveying Equipment

Grain Handler Dryer